Spectrum Solutions Saliva Collection Kit COVID-19 Testing 1When it comes to any DNA sample collection, it is beyond critical that you ensure high-quality high-yield DNA samples every single time to make the process more efficient and avoid as many mistakes or false-positives/negatives as possible. Genetic testing of any kind needs a quality biosample to actually make it back to the lab, secure, preserved, and not an empty or leaking collection device. The wrong kind of collection devices can introduce a number of critical failure points into your operation as a whole. Don’t let something as simple as not using the quality collection devices you should have cause you lots of errors and unknown in your testing. A technically superior saliva DNA sample collection device is a game-changer when it comes to genetic-testing. It takes all of the unknown out of the process and lets you focus on testing. We’ve recently come across the Spectrum saliva DNA collection test kit and we think it’s truly the pinnacle of saliva/DNA collection and testing. It can ensure you the results you expect nearly every single time.

Coronavirus Saliva Test

Are you looking for COVID-19 testing device options? A lot of people are these days. EUA approval from the FDA and saliva-based validity testing from Rutgers University not only demonstrated that saliva collected using the SDNA-1000 device to be a robust source of viral RNA, but the self-collection means less risk for healthcare workers and others possibly involved. The less handling needed, the better for everyone involved and the sample itself. Additionally, the included SDNA-1000 preservation solutions have been proved to suspend the COVID-19 antigen perfectly while destroying the live virus again further protecting medical and first-responder personal.

Engineered to eliminate potential biosample collection errors and stabilize high-quality high-yield DNA for transport, Spectrum’s saliva DNA collection test kit are not only easier to use, but the patented preservation solution does a better job at removing non-human bacterial contamination that can compromise clinical research results, reduce DNA quality, and compromise genetic sequencing for molecular diagnostics. The time to mitigate risk in scientific work is NOT after it happens or towards the end of the process. You need to work hard to mitigate risk way before it happens. It all starts with good equipment that you can trust to get the job done every time you need it. You can have the best processes in the world but they won’t mean anything if you can’t keep samples pure or keep your lab in order.

Spectrum Saliva Collection kits

If you’re using anything other than Spectrum saliva collection kits, you’re risking the quality of your samples and even potentially the health of those in your lab and handling the samples. Strategic Lab Partners is proud to offer these for sale and for assembly with our kits as well. If you’re doing DNA work and want the proper results for every test you may run, you need to be making the change to these great new Spectrum collection devices.