B1002-OCC – StarCLICK 100 ML polypropylene containter with sterile tab label, orange cap

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100ml polypropylene container with sterile tab label, orange cap, sterile.

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Manufacturer: Starplex Scientific


The solid, straight wall design of the container paired with the durable cap creates the optimal fit for preventing costly spills and biohazardous contamination. Correct cap closure is encouraged by listening for the double click confirmation during cap application, as long as you pay attention you’ll never have issues with accidental spillage. This container has been externally validated to meet 95 kPa and IATA standards. It’s ideal for use in pneumatic tube systems.

Secure Sample Storage and Transport

All caps are designed with a full circle thread, which prevents the cap from cross threading and leaking. The O-ring cap is designed to grip the top and sides of the vial. The vial fits into the groove of the cap for additional contact, and a better seal. The lined cap is manufactured with a polypulp liner coated with polyethylene. Due to the resilience of the lining material, it provides extra protection against leaks. These containers are not going to open unless you want them to, and you can count on that.

FDA Approved Collection Device

Regardless of how great your process and work may be, it all starts with good collection devices that you can rely on to bring you the perfect sample every time. All of our collection vessels are FDA approved and ready to give you the perfect sample every single time. Whether these are going into a DNA or clinical trial kit, they’re perfect as FDA approved collection devices. Using the best in quality products means fewer problems for you down the road. If you need FDA approved collection devices, we’ll take care of you. This container will stand up to just about anything and keep your sample safe.