Spectrum Saliva Collection Device (COVID-19)

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  • Multiple FDA EUA’s – First authorized saliva collection device used in the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus testing analysis
  • The patented Spectrum blue preservation chemistry (found in the cap of the SDNA-1000) was the main focus of the ground-breaking swab vs. saliva RUDCR study to evaluate its influence specifically on RNA preservation and the COVID-19 virus.
  • Saliva samples collected with the Spectrum device have proved to not only be a robust source of viral RNA, but the patented preservation solution showed to inactivate the virus while suspending and stabilizing the RNA transcripts for sensitive and specific qPCR analysis.
  • Has the ability to protect COVID-19 transcripts for extended periods of time making sample collection and transport to CLIA testing labs more efficient and amenable to global testing.
  • Our partnership with Spectrum allows our clients access to turnkey “Direct to Consumer” and “At Home Collection” kits that can be available within 7-14 days of initial order. We offer fulfillment services on these products as well.

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Instructional Video:
Technically Superior SDNA Saliva DNA/RNA Collection and Preservation in Only a few Simple Steps.
Instructions (pdf)
SNDA-1000 Instructions for Use
EUA Summary
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