4922 – Specimen Transport Bags with Score Line, Absorbent Pad

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Bag, Biohazard Specimen Transport, 6″ x 10″, Ziplock with Score Line, Document Pouch and Absorbent Pad.

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Each bag contains a 3 x 5″ liquid absorbent pad that quickly absorbs aqueous solutions or bodily fluids providing safe transportation of specimens. The bags are printed with a biohazard symbol and offers checkmark boxes to indicate special handling instructions. 2 mil gauge polyethylene (PE). It includes an attached document compartment and absorbent pad. Zipper closure allows repeated access to the specimen so you can access it or add more to it as you need to. It’s also imprinted with the biohazard symbol so nobody will mistake it for anything else.
Complies with OSHA and NCCLS guidelines.

Safe Storage and Disposal

In the medical field, you can NOT just throw things away haphazardly. Things need to be put in and taken to the proper places for disposal. Say you were to throw something contaminated in a trash can and a child happens to walk by and decide to touch it, now you’ve put everyone at risk because you didn’t safely dispose of what you needed to. Biohazard bags are the global standard for contaminating storage and disposal. These bags are a heavy gauge, you should be able to put just about anything in them securely without worry.