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UT-367 – Puritan UniTranz-RT 3ml Filled Vial w/ Elongated & Ultrafine Flock Swabs

UT-367 – Puritan UniTranz-RT 3ml Filled Vial w/ Elongated & Ultrafine Flock Swabs


3ml Universal Transport Medium Filled Vial w/One Elongated & One Ultrafine PurFlock Ultra¨ Applicators (25-3706-U & 25-3317-U)

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Intended for the collection and preservation of Viruses – Chlamydia – Mycoplasma, and Ureaplasma. It contains antimicrobial agents to minimize bacterial and fungal contamination. Contains glass beads to release and disperse sample into the medium during vortexing. Used in viral antigen detection test, PCR and rapid tests. Available in a 1ml or 3ml fill, the medium is stable at room temperature, meaning you don’t even have to refrigerate to keep your sample useable short-term. If you do refrigerate you can count on your sample staying useable for a very long time. Advanced kit design is easy to use and reliable. The self-centering cap is leakproof and facilitates easy swab removal and disposal. Contains two PurFlock Ultra swabs: (1) 25-3317-U & (1) 25-3706-U both scored at 100mm. Premium medical grade plastic components to improve product shelf life. All kits include sterile wrapped swabs and vial. Shelf life – 18 months. Made in the USA.

Universal Room Temperature Stable System

UTM is used for collection, transport, maintenance and long term frozen storage of viruses, including things like influenza, H1N1, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma specimens. Before use storing a sample, UTM™<