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CB-206 – Puritan Fecal Opti-Swab Collection & Transport System

CB-206 – Puritan Fecal Opti-Swab Collection & Transport System


2 ml Cary-Blair Medium Filled Vial w/ One Sterile Elongated HydraFlock¨ Swab (25-3506-H)

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Puritan Fecal Opti-Swab™ CB-206 Stool Culture Vials are perfect for collecting, preserving, and transporting enteric bacteria from any fecal or rectal swab specimens. Each Transport Tube System features a sterile, transparent peel pouch containing a HydraFlock® Swab and a vial with 2 ml of Cary-Blair medium. The flocked tips of HydraFlock® Applicators are soft for maximum comfort for patients during rectal sampling, with many fine fibers for superior sample collection and elution. Once the sample is placed into the solution within the vial, the polypropylene shaft of the Fecal Sampling Swab can be snapped off at the molded breakpoint. The Fecal Culture Transport Vial features a self-centering cap that ensures that the swab shaft is properly placed for a tight, leakproof seal.

Sterile Specimen Collection

The vial is packaged with a sterile standard tip HydraFlock swab (25-3506-H). Intended for collection, transport, and preservation of fecal and rectal swabs containing enteric pathogenic bacteria that lead to foodborne illnesses. Used in bacterial culture, rapid tests, Gram staining, automation, and molecular testing. The swab can be used as a collection tool for the sample, it’s a great medium for the maximum sample recovery. Our products only use premium medical grade plastic components to improve product shelf life. Made in the USA.