Puritan 6″ Sterile Standard Rayon Swab w/Plastic Handle & Tube

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Regular Rayon Tipped Applicator with Polystyrene Handle in Dry Transport Tube.

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Puritan’s new dry transport system securely holds a swab in a round bottom tube made from virgin polypropylene resin, creating a safe and sterile environment to accommodate many different styles of collection devices. The injection-molded cap assures a precision fit for multiple handle styles eliminating any foreign adhesive which may interfere with the specimen. Tubes include a distinctive label describing product identity, expiry date as well as allow for patient identification and collection information. Specimen collection for testing and screening. Cell collection for DNA testing. General-purpose collection swab. Shelf life is 3 years. Made in the USA.

Quality Sterile Medical Swabs

The handle is made of plastic with a standard rayon tip. This product is completely sterile. Great for specimen collection and for testing and screening or cell collection for DNA testing. This general-purpose collection swab is individually wrapped. This swab is also great for medical uses like cleaning wounds or applying medication, it’s very multi-use. Puritan is the leading US manufacturer of swabs and applicators for electronics, medical, forensics, and industrial markets. Whatever your use, you can rely on this swab holding up well and standing strong under pressure.

FDA Approved Saliva Collection & Collection Devices

When it comes to saliva and/or sample collection, you have got to ensure you’re going to get quality samples and that they’ll last until you’re able to use them. Using only FDA approved products for your kits or for general use should be the norm and you should never deviate from it. The approval process is long and covers everything, so you know if you’re getting an FDA approved product it’s going to do its job. So instead of wondering if you got a good sample every time, you’ll be able to rest assured that you have the best in sample collection at your disposal. Good science requires the right tools to get good results every time, using our FDA saliva collection swabs means good samples every single time.