25-806 1PD BT – Puritan 6″ Sterile Standard Polyester Plastic Handle Swab & Tube

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Regular Polyester-Tipped Applicator with Polystyrene Handle in Dry Transport Tube.

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These standard sterile swabs are perfect for a range of use for diagnostic testing. They’re ideal for all of your specimen collection needs. They excel at cell collection for DNA testing, as well as collecting specimens from throats of patients, gynecological screenings, and industrial surface testing. This swab truly can be used for any and everything. These swabs are individually wrapped to further ensure sterility.

Superior Dry Transport

Puritan’s new dry transport system securely holds a swab in a round bottom tube made from virgin polypropylene resin, creating a safe and sterile environment to accommodate many different styles of collection devices. The injection molded cap assures a precision fit for multiple handle styles eliminating any foreign adhesive which may interfere with the specimen and its sterility. The transport tubes include a distinctive label describing product identity, expiry date, and allow for patient identification and collection information. The labels also act as a tamper-resistant seal when attached to the cap, further ensuring the safety and purity of your samples. These swabs are great for anything, including cell collection for DNA testing, use for collecting throat samples, gynecological screenings, and even testing industrial surfaces. They have a shelf life of 3 years, meaning you can keep them on the shelf for quite a while and they’ll still be ready to go. Made in the USA.

FDA Approved Saliva Collection & Collection Devices

When it comes to saliva and/or sample collection, you have got to ensure you’re going to get quality samples and that they’ll last until you’re able to use them. Using only FDA approved products for your kits or for general use should be the norm and you should never deviate from it. The approval process is long and covers everything, so you know if you’re getting an FDA approved product it’s going to do its job. So instead of wondering if you got a good sample every time, you’ll be able to rest assured that you have the best in sample collection at your disposal. At Strategic Lab Partners we only sell the absolute best in medical equipment and each DNA or clinical trial kit we send out is put together perfectly according to your specifications. Good science starts with having all the right tools to do your work well every time.