25-1506 1PF 100 – Puritan 6″ Sterile Standard Foam Swab w/Polystyrene Handle – 100 Box

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Regular Foam Tipped Applicator with Plastic Handle.

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These particular Puritan foam swabs have a number of various medical uses. They’re great for sample collection for DNA testing of family/species/gender as well as diagnostic cell collection, and wildlife forensic biology. They’re great for buccal and other cell collection for testing and screening. They have an extremely high particle collection capacity, meaning you can get the most out of your samples. These swabs are individually wrapped, further ensuring their sterility. Proudly made in the USA.

Quality Medical Swabs

The foam tip on this particular swab is a great feature. The medical-grade foam tip offers far greater patient comfort and leaves no fibrous residue, fantastic for any specimen collection you may need. Anything you can do to make your patients more comfortable is worth it.

FDA Approved Saliva Collection

When it comes to saliva and/or sample collection, you have got to ensure you’re going to get quality samples and that they’ll last until you’re able to use them. Using only FDA approved products for your kits or for general use should be the norm and you should never deviate from it. The approval process is long and covers everything, so you know if you’re getting an FDA approved product it’s going to do it’s job. So instead of wondering if you got a good sample every time, you’ll be able to rest assured that you have the best in sample collection at your disposal. At Strategic Lab Partners we only sell the absolute best in medical equipment and each DNA or clinical trial kit we send out is put together perfectly according to your specifications.