25-3206-U – PurFlock Ultra 6″ Sterile Elongated Flock Swab w/Polystyrene Handle

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Elongated Flock Tipped Applicator with Plastic Handle (No Breakpoint).

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Puritan’s dry transport system securely holds a swab in a round bottom tube made from virgin polypropylene resin, creating a safe and sterile environment to accommodate many different styles of collection devices. The injection-molded cap assures a precision fit for multiple handle styles eliminating any foreign adhesive which may interfere with the specimen and its sterility. These tubes include a distinctive label describing product identity, expiry date, as well as spots for patient identification and collection information. The labels also act as a tamper-resistant seal when attached to the cap so you can ensure the security and purity of your sample quickly. Ideal for specimen collection for testing and screening, it’s most commonly used in cell collection for DNA testing. It’s also used for Veterinary, Opthalmology, Pediatrics, and Oropharyngeal applications. The shelf life is 3 years, so these swabs will hold up superbly on the shelf.

Flock Swabs

Flock swabs have excellent absorption and elution of specimens when HydraFlock’s high levels of absorbency just aren’t necessary. Tested by an independent lab to the most stringent standards (less than 25 pg of human DNA), you can rely on these swabs to get you the samples you want and need. Flock swabs comprise of a solid molded plastic applicator shaft with a tip that can vary in size and shape. The tip of the applicator is coated with short nylon fibers that are arranged in a perpendicular fashion. This perpendicular arrangement results from a process called flocking, where the fibers are sprayed onto the tip of the swab, while it is held in an electrostatic field. The process creates a highly absorbent thin layer with an open structure.

Unlike traditional fiber wound swabs, which resemble a mattress or cushion, FLOQSwabs have no internal absorbent core to disperse and entrap the specimen. The entire sample stays close to the surface for fast and complete elution. The perpendicular Nylon fibers serve as a soft brush and allow the improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid sample, and the sample stays close to the surface allowing easy elution. PurFlock’s purity makes it ideal for PCR, molecular assays, DFA testing, forensic applications as well as direct antigen testing. PurFlock Ultra’s high purity characteristics make it an ideal swab for various rapid diagnostic tests.

FDA Approved DNA Collection Devices & Swabs

When it comes to saliva and/or sample collection, you have got to ensure you’re going to get quality samples and that they’ll last until you’re able to use them. Using only FDA approved products for your kits or for general use should be the norm and you should never deviate from it. The approval process is long and covers everything, so you know if you’re getting an FDA approved product it’s going to do what it says nearly every single time. Rather than hoping you get good samples, you can rest assured that pretty much every sample in one of these swabs is going to be perfectly useable. Good science requires the right tools to get proper results every time, using our FDA saliva collection swabs means good samples every single time. Having a swab and vial together means very little time when the sample is exposed, ensuring the highest quality sample possible when you go to use it.