MAWI Microbiome

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iSWAB Microbiome 2ml Vial w/ 1ml Fill

  • Multiple FDA EUA’s
  • Multiple vial/fill sizes
  • Consistent Supply
  • Safe handling for lab staff
  • Can utilize any swab except foam
  • No breakpoint needed. Q-tips will work because of the internal scrubbing mechanism within the collection vial
  • Swab is disposed of at collection site rather than sent back to lab in vial
  • Minimal lead time (3-5 business days)
  • USA Production

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iSWAB-Microbiome has been proven to efficiently inactivate bacteria, fungi, spores, and DNA/RNA viruses allowing safer transport of biological samples to process labs, especially when samples are subject to long transit times. We are able to fully eliminate the need for a cold chain of transport just to move your samples!

Microbial content and diversity within collected gut, rectal, vaginal, skin, oral, or soil samples can give a doctor all the clues they need to help you turn your health around. However, modern-day collection techniques can be very hard on the sample with freezing, thawing and more. These methods could lead to misleading results and hinder proper modeling or data analysis.
  • Freezing: Requires well-monitored cold chain storage and transport – very pricy and can’t be done indefinitely.
  • Organic solvents: In addition to being toxic and requires strict regulations for transport and handling procedures, they alter microbial representation from the point of collection to processing – causing issues with samples at times.

Microbiome Features

The iSWAB-Microbiome (MB) is a non-toxic stabilizing technology that enables the inactivation of bacteria, fungi, spores, and viruses, allows ambient collection and transport of various biosamples, and maintains the status quo at the time of collection. iSWAB-MB provides a representative snapshot of the microbial community that remains unchanged from collection to processing of oral, gut/fecal, skin, vaginal, and soil samples. Purified microbial DNA or RNA isolated from collected samples are compatible with qPCR, microarray, and NGS for microbiome research in health, wellness, and forensics.

  • Non-toxic stabilization; no organic, hazardous solvent fixatives or detergents.
  • Microbial presentation maintained intact from time of collection for weeks at room temperature (real-time testing ongoing).
  • No bloom effect correction needed for microbiome data. Both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial communities stabilized from collection to processing.
  • Ambient temperature transport and storage with no cold chain involvement.
  • The stabilization buffer efficiently inactivates bacteria, fungi, spores, and viruses allowing safe transport of biological samples.
  • Purified bacterial DNA or RNA isolated from collected samples are compatible with qPCR, microarray and NGS based applications.
  • Scalable and customizable platform capable of stabilizing up to 20g of fecal or soil material in standard collection containers.

COVID Testing and Collection Supplies

Though it may not have been created for the sole purpose of handline coronavirus samples, this sterile transport system is absolutely perfect for all of your covid testing and sample transportation needs. The hardest single part of sample collection, preservation, and transport is finding the proper transport medium that can do all of the above. It’s important that samples arrive at the lab in the exact condition that they went into the sample container. Accurate testing results with covid-19 are absolutely critical, one bad result because of a degraded sample could lead to many more infections that could have been better-prevented. If you need any more information on any of our products please feel free to contact us immediately and we’ll gladly answer any questions for you that we possibly can.