TW902-O – Leakbuster 90 ML Clear, Tamper Evident, tri-scensory orange cap

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90ml clear, tamper evident, tri-sensory orange cap.

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This container features our tamper-evident cap that ensures proper cap application by providing visual alignment points, audible closure confirmation, and distinct tactile closure confirmation. With all of this feedback, you will know that your container is shut tight and your sample is safe and isolated. Each container is lot numbered and has clear graduations. The textured, flat cap provides additional writing surface in a stackable format. Leakbusterª 3 is also available in a clear plastic O.R. wrap format and a Midstream Kit format with a Castille wipe enclosed in a clear plastic peel pack.

Anti-Tampering Secured Specimen Transport

The orange cap indicates that is it a sterile container, with a 90ml capacity and fantastic anti-tampering protections. With this container, you’ll know that all is safe. These are also just fine being stored for quite some time, they should still be good to go even after a year on the shelf.