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ISF-T-DSC-R – iSWAB DNA Collection Tube 400 µl 50/pack

ISF-T-DSC-R – iSWAB DNA Collection Tube 400 µl 50/pack

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iSWAB DNA Collection Tube Rack, 400 µl x 50


You can collect – stabilize – concentrate – transport – extract – and store: All of this functionality in a single DNA collection tube. Collected samples are stable at room temperature for 5+ years. They also have a high genomic DNA Yield (2-7 µg avg.), extremely low bacterial contamination (<1%), and the non-alcoholic buffer requires no Hazmat fee when shipping back to the lab. This collection tube requires 4 buccal swabs (sold separately).

Unmatched Sample Collection & Preservation

It’s a scalable and customizable platform capable of stabilizing up to 400µl of fecal or soil material in standard collection containers. Requires 1 buccal swab for fecal samples, 2 buccal swabs for oral samples (sold separately). The great thing about not having to freeze your samples for transport is you don’t risk any damage to your samples themselves, water expands a lot when frozen and can easily destroy a cell or anything else it’s in/around. Our microbiome collection tubes guarantee your samples are going to stay useable for a long time, taking a lot of w