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ISD-T-1200-R – iSWAB DNA Collection Tube 1.0 ml

ISD-T-1200-R – iSWAB DNA Collection Tube 1.0 ml

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iSWAB DNA Collection Tube Rack, 1.0 ml x 50


You can collect – stabilize – concentrate – transport – extract – and store: All of this functionality in a single DNA collection tube. Collected samples are stable at room temperature for 5+ years. They also have a high genomic DNA Yield (10-30 µg avg.), extremely low bacterial contamination (<1%), and the non-alcoholic buffer requires no Hazmat fee when shipping back to the lab. This collection tube requires 4 buccal swabs (sold separately).

Unmatched Sample Collection & Preservation

It’s a scalable and customizable platform capable of stabilizing up to 20g of fecal or soil material in standard collection containers. Requires 1 buccal swab for fecal samples, 2 buccal swabs for oral samples (sold separately). The great thing about not having to freeze your samples means you don’t risk any damage to your samples themselves, water expands a lot when frozen and can easily destroy a cell or anything else it’s in/around. Our microbiome collection tubes guarantee your samples are going to stay useable for a long time, taking a lot of worry out of your hands.