FECAL_PHC – Fecal Swab Kit

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Poplar Healthcare Fecal Swab Kit

1 Puritan Fecal Swab – Orange Lid

1 Instructions for use

1 Bio-hazard Bag

600 Kits/Pallet

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Feces can help uncover valuable information as to what is occurring in the gastrointestinal system specifically. Unlike other laboratory tests, stool samples are commonly collected at home by the patient because they are very simple to do and something you may feel more comfortable doing in private. Still, a lot of people find the collection of stool to be difficult, unpleasant, and unhygienic to perform. That’s totally understandable, it’s not glorious by any means but it’s something that must be done at times.

Quick & Easy Sampling

Many patients take a sample directly from the toilet bowl itself which is not only difficult but may cause potential measurement errors due to the loss of content from surrounding water or contamination with toilet sanitizers and additives that were already in your toilet. The best thing you can do is just follow the included instructions and take your time getting your sample, get a good sample the first time so you don’t need to get another!

FDA Approved Fecal Collection Kit

We can’t stress the importance any more of ensuring any medical products you use or send out in kits are FDA approved. Chances are good that at this point you have it all figured it out in terms of kitting and testing, so it would be a shame if you were to lose samples or mess up something for a customer simply because of bad collection equipment. It’s not something you should risk, you should be doing all you can to ensure perfect results every time and good collection devices are the basis of that.