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Custom COVID-19 Test Kits

Serving genetic, molecular, microbiology and clinical labs nationwide, Strategic Lab Partners is your convenient, trusted source for kitting, lab supplies and lab-related printing.

We can custom kit any of our transport medias, customize barcoding and provide fulfillment. We offer personal, “boutique” service with the flexibility to customize projects, quickly respond to requests and make adjustments as needed.

Collection Device


Biohazard Bag

  • 6×9 Biohazard Bag with or without absorbent pad
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Custom Medical Kits

Custom medical kits have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so. A custom medical kit is nothing more than a very specific list of medical supplies all put together in one easy-to-manage package. The professionals here at Strategic Lab Partners can get you a medical kit put together that will meet all of your needs!

COVID Testing and Collection Supplies

Though it may not have been created for the sole purpose of handline coronavirus samples, this sterile transport system is absolutely perfect for all of your covid testing and sample transportation needs. The hardest single part of sample collection, preservation, and transport is finding the proper transport medium that can do all of the above. It’s important that samples arrive at the lab in the exact condition that they went into the sample container. Accurate testing results with covid-19 are absolutely critical, one bad result because of a degraded sample could lead to many more infections that could have been better-prevented. If you need any more information on any of our products please feel free to contact us immediately and we’ll gladly answer any questions for you that we possibly can.