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4C024S – COPAN FecalSwabª

4C024S – COPAN FecalSwabª

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Screw cap tube with 2mL modified Cary-Blair medium, One regular flocked swab


Optimize specimen collection and preservation for enteric diagnostics with the COPAN FecalSwab System. An advanced liquid-based collection and preservation system for fecal specimens, COPAN FecalSwab, is extremely easy-to-use, allowing for a sample collection from either rectal swabbing or direct from feces. Its versatility makes possible direct plating or aliquot transfer to selective enrichment broth. COPAN FecalSwab converts solid or semi-solid fecal specimens into a sample suitable for automatic specimen processors in space-saving, instrument-ready tubes. It is also suitable for PCR.

Make Fecal Collection & Transport Easy

There’s no need for excess samples with FecalSwab. Who wants to deal with an excess of stool samples? How many times have test results been delayed due to a patient’s inability to produce a sample? Studies show that specimens from COPAN’s FecalSwab provide accurate results with both stool culture and molecular testing of enteric pathogens. In addition to needing less stool for accurate results, the study demonstrates that FecalSwab will maintain samples for 24 hours at room temperature. So when you need easy fecal samples you can trust, you need to use COPAN FecalSwabs.

FDA Approved Fecal Collection Swab

More than any other step, ensuring you can get quality stool samples when you need is so important. Using only FDA approved products for your kits or for general use should be the norm and you should never