B801 – Biohazard Bags 6X9

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Double pouch design featuring a ziplock closure on the primary pouch and a separate slot for paperwork. Biohazard symbol imprinted on the bag. Available in standard or heavy gauge weight.

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Light duty, 2 mil reclosable bags 3 wall construction has a reclosable bag for specimen and a separate pouch for paperwork. Used for the disposal or transport of infectious waste and bio-hazardous specimens. The pouch has a flap cover to ensure that paperwork stays in place at all times for fast access. Bags are clear and imprinted with red biohazard symbols to avoid any possible confusion. All of our bio-hazardous specimen bags are high quality.

Safe Storage and Disposal

In the medical field, you can NOT just throw things away haphazardly. Things need to be put in and taken to the proper places for disposal. Say you were to throw something contaminated in a trash can and a child happens to walk by and decide to touch it, now you’ve put everyone at risk because you didn’t safely dispose of what you needed to. Biohazard bags are the global standard for contaminate storage and disposal.

Quality Specimen Transport

You cannot cut corners when it comes to your specimen and sample transport needs. You need something that’s going to stand up to the stress of transport and keep your samples safe for when you need them. Our transport bags are nothing less than quality. Not all specimen bags are made equal, and you want to have the highest quality gear you can get. It’s also important that your bags be marked as biohazards to avoid any unwanted contact, prevention is always a better approach than fixing something after the fact. These bags are also a great size, they can be used for just about anything.