B1202-TS – 120ml (4oz) Water Testing Container

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120ml, white cap and Sodium Thiosulfate tablet for water testing.

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120ml (4oz) polypropylene container with white “o-ring” cap, labeled and sterile with 10mg Sodium Thiosulfate tablet. Perfect for analytical water sampling techniques requiring a controlled amount of Sodium Thiosulfate as a dechlorinating agent. By neutralizing free halogens, the tablet prevents the destruction of bacteria or organic material prior to analysis, meaning you’re always going to get the same sample out that you put in. Use for potable water, waste water, recreational waters and surface or irrigation water supplies. 100ml fill line clearly engraved on the vial, the vial label utilizes non-fluorescing paper stock. A certificate of conformance now provided in each case and addresses the tablet strength, non-fluorescing label, sterilization, and the 100mL fill line accuracy. You can rely on this container keeping your sample sanitary and safe, it’s even great for use in pneumatic tubes and other more intense conditions.