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Providing you with FDA approved collection and testing devices to streamline your RNA/DNA sampling process and make your job easier.

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Quality RNA Kitting Assembly & Fulfillment

The human genome project has unlocked many indicators and secrets that we had no idea about in the past in relation to our DNA and all of the markers within it. With that comes the rise of DNA testing companies & services that can do all kinds of amazing things with merely a sample of your DNA. From being able to tell what diets will be the most effective for you to learning about your entire ancestral tree, genetic testing offers so many amazing benefits and services that just haven’t been available in the past.

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DNA Kit Packaging

Before any of that can even begin to take place, you need the best when it comes to DNA kitting fulfillment. We can, from start to finish, be your medical kit supplier. In our process we work with you to design the perfect kit for your purposes and get your okay on it, do a trial run to ensure the process will run smoothly, then we can get into production! We’ll keep you updated through the assembly process, and depending on your needs, it should be complete within a few weeks time. Following production, our IT teams work with you to start integrating automation. Next, order fulfillment is handled locally and from there we offer flat-rate shipping and simple sample delivery to your lab straight from the mailboxes of customers. Lastly, our tracking & reporting system tracks all of your packages and generates real time reports for you, so you’re never out of the loop.

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With our custom branding and high quality fulfillment services, your DNA testing will go smoothly, safely, and successfully! If you’re in any business that does DNA testing, whatever markers you may be testing for, we can help you get in front of your customers. We maintain the absolute highest level of organization, tracking, and cleanliness when it comes to our kits, you can count on every single piece being there and accounted for as it should be. From execution to presentation we hold ourselves to very high standards, we want nothing but the absolute best results and accuracy for anyone that uses our DNA kitting services.

Quality DNA & RNA Kits

If you’re doing work in DNA kitting, it’s so important that you work with a professional company that’s only using the highest quality medical tools and devices. Cutting corners with this kinds of stuff will do nothing but hurt your business in the long-term. You want to ensure you’re getting good samples from your customers every single time, it would be embarrassing to have to re-send a kit to a client because your cheap swab didn’t get a good enough sample for you to use. So avoid that all together, go with a DNA kitting company like Strategic Lab Partners who never cut corners and follow every step of the process with great detail and precision.

dna lab kittingOur Niche: Direct-to-Consumer RNA Kitting

Our ability to cost-efficiently produce direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits improves your productivity by freeing you to focus on what you do best. We manage all aspects of the process — from package design and production to e-commerce setup and fulfillment — and we’ll update you every step of the way as we meet your exact specifications and deadlines.

Our kits can be custom-branded with easy-to-follow instructions, all designed to improve return rates, test accuracy and ROI.

FDA Approved Collection Devices for Medical & DNA Kits

Regardless of how good your science and work may be, you can’t work effectively without the highest quality and FDA approved gear at your disposal. If you want to put out the best product and/or be able to get the most accurate results for your customers, you need the best tools. From swabs to collection devices and genetic testing gear, FDA approval and quality are of the utmost importance. We always strive to ensure that we only carry the highest quality products so that it reflects directly upon your company as well, customer satisfaction will always be important to us. If you cut corners with your DNA kitting you risk destroying your company reputation and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

DNA & RNA Swab Kits

When it comes to DNA collection and testing, arguably the most important piece of equipment in all of this is is the DNA collection tool itself, the swab. You can’t really do anything else in terms of DNA testing if you don’t have a good usable sample, so it’s critical that you use quality swabs and collection devices to ensure accurate results across the board. We carry a huge variety of swabs to meet all of your DNA collection needs. We have everything from your normal sterile swab to those that come in transport tubes to those with pre-done breakpoints to make testing and use easier in the lab.

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